Achieve an Efficient Clinical Research Operation…Yes You Can!

On-Demand Webinar

Presented by: Jill K. Shilbauer and Andy Tolman with PharmaSeek, LLC 

Having an efficiently running clinical research operation is key to a successful organization.  Achieving this gold standard can be difficult, but it is certainly attainable. What does your study pipeline consist of?  Do you know your true costs to perform a study? When are your payments expected to arrive for each study? This webinar will identify essential steps you can implement today to start you down the road.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Understanding your study pipeline
  • How to prepare for contract and budget negotiations
  • Monitoring your accounts receivables

About the Presenter

Jill K. Shilbauer is currently the Director of Strategic Initiatives for PharmaSeek, LLC and has been with the company for six years in various roles.  Over the years, Jill has assisted research institutions in the study start-up process, negotiating contracts and budgets to align with site requirements as well as ensuring that costs for all protocol required activities are covered.  Jill also has worked with sites to enhance their administrative efficiencies so that sites can focus on serving their patients and conducting research.

Andy Tolman currently holds the title of Strategic Account Executive – Site Services.  He has been with PharmaSeek, LLC in various Project Management and Site Selection roles for 8 years.  Andy has worked with sites to help expedite the study start-up process, assisting them with negotiating beneficial contract and budget terms.  He also researched internal site enrollment and revenue trends to help maximize business efficiencies. 

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