How much could you save with Complion?

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Surveys have consistently found that maintaining regulatory compliance is an increasingly demanding task for investigative sites. While there is consensus among sites that the regulatory burden is a problem, until now there has been limited quantitative data on the material and operational cost for site regulatory compliance.

The Complion eRegulatory Savings Calculator was developed to help investigative sites quantify the burden of regulatory compliance and how much can be saved by moving into an electronic system. Simply estimate the time your team spends on regulatory and clerical tasks and the cost of your materials, then use our calculator to discover how much you could save by utilizing Complion.

This eRegulatory Savings Calculator will help you:
  • Estimate how much time an investigative site spends on tasks related to maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Quantify the paper, binder and storage costs of maintaining paper documentation
  • Understand how much time can be saved by switching to an electronic management system
  • Make informed decisions regarding budgeting and future investments

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Download the Savings Calculator