Coverage Analysis 101

On-Demand Webinar

Presented by: Megan Tenboer, Director of PFS Clinical

Understanding and applying reimbursement guidelines is one of the most challenging aspects of clinical research. Not only do clinical research institutions strive to provide the best patient care, but they also have the added task of understanding and complying with all federal and state guidelines related to clinical research practices. Between institutional review boards, informed consent practices, Medicare guidelines, national/local coverage determinations, the Clinical Trial Policy, etc., the list of administrative burdens is daunting. These tasks are not only time consuming, but can lead to errors that are costly and could impact your organization’s Medicare standing.

Webinar Objectives:

  • The importance of coverage analysis
  • General ideas and interpretations of regulations
  • Proper citations for coverage analysis
  • How to qualify a clinical trial for coverage

About the Presenter

Megan Tenboer, Director of PFS Clinical, has over six years of experience in pre-clinical and clinical research operations. She works with a broad array of research institutions, including dedicated research facilities, multi-physician practices, and academic medical centers. She also worked for a reputable CRO, which allows for complex perspectives throughout budget/contract negotiations and coverage analysis. Megan and her team provide outsourced solutions to clinical research institutions, including coverage analysis, budget and contract analysis/negotiation, revenue cycle management, and business development.

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