Regulatory Cost Analysis

Measure your regulatory compliance costs & learn how you compare to 160 investigative sites.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is an increasingly demanding task for investigative sites. There has been limited quantitative data on the material and operational cost for site regulatory compliance, until now.

Based on a survey and findings from CenterWatch, the Complion Regulatory Cost Analysis helps investigative sites quantify the burden of regulatory compliance and identify opportunities for improvement.

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  • Your site's total material and productive costs of regulatory compliance
  • How your site compares to CenterWatch data across 160 other sites
  • Reimbursement opportunities for Sponsor-related materials and tasks
  • Opportunities to save time and costs across different regulatory efforts

Simply complete a 15-30 minute survey on the time your team spends on regulatory and clerical tasks. Upon completion, we will contact you to setup a brief call to review and calibrate your results and provide you with a free, in-depth PDF report of the findings to share with your team.

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