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eReg/eISF Solutions for Clinical Research Sites, Sponsors & CROs

The Complion eRegulatory/eISF platform makes it a reality with easy-to-use tools to file, control, share and access trial-related documents.

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It is time to give your trials the advantage of Complion.

Imagine all of your regulatory documents organized and secured in one place - accessible to authorized users 24/7 anywhere with an internet connection.  Simply fill out the form on the right and we will show you how you can achieve: 

  • Efficiency.   Rapid data collection and automate document filing frees site staff to focus on patient recruitment, care and safety.
  • Insight.  Easy-to-run reports provide real-time visibility into study progress, including items that must be resolved prior to any audit.
  • Quality.  Consistent automated processes help you reduce the risk of errors, drive accuracy and scale your research.
  • ROI.  Reduce the time staff spends on regulatory tasks by an average of 40% and cut material costs by 100%.

Now imagine a stress-free audit.   Complion can help make that a reality.   Request a demonstration today to get started!