Study Intensity Tool for Clinical Research

On-Demand Webinar

Presented by: Joanna Gray, Clinical Manager NIHR/WT Birmingham CRF, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

A workforce planning tool for clinical researchers adapted from US clinical research centres has helped staff in the UK with widely accepted metrics that provide recognised, valuable data and evidence.

This session explores the UK Clinical Research Facilities Network (UKCRFN)  Study Intensity tool (SIT) as a research specific workforce planning tool which originated in the general clinical research centers of the USA. With permission it has been adapted and developed for use in the UK. Its development has been driven by the UKCRFN Intensity Working Group (IWG).

The wide dissemination and recognition of the metrics produced by the tool means that it is widely accepted as a measure of workforce planning within a research setting. This information is already utilised by the National Institute for Health Research funded Clinical Research Facilities in reporting annual metrics and therefore supports a consistent national approach to metrics reporting. It has also provided supporting evidence in the justification for an increase in resources when presenting business cases for additional research staff across a variety of research infrastructures.

About the Presenter

 Joanna Gray, Clinical Manager NIHR/WT Birmingham CRF, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Jo completed her training at Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing in 1990 and commenced her nursing career in general and liver medicine.  Following a period of rotation posts within the liver unit including liver ITU, she became a sister on the GI/ rheumatology ward – working alongside the clinical research team to deliver novel treatments within the NHS setting.  Following a reconfiguration of services Jo chose to join the Clinical Research Facility research team as a research sister utilising her GI and liver knowledge working on a large number of trials utilising her expert knowledge gained in these previous roles.

Jo is currently the Clinical Manager of the NIHR / WT Birmingham CRF at UHB which employs approximately 60 staff across both the core crf and inflammation research facility (IRF) and has previously led on numerous trials before joining the CRF management team in 2008.  She has presented both at local and international level, is a member of the UK CRF Network strategic management team and is currently the UK CRF Network Theme Lead for Achieving Operational Excellence which includes the UKCRFN Managers Group which has a national profile with approximately 50 members from CRFs, BRUs and BRCs.

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